How does the process work?

Fill Out the Form

Step 1 - Tell us about your property

Fill out the simple form on the contact page.  We may follow up with some simple questions to  help us better understand the property’s condition.

We'll Schedule a Meeting to See Your House

Step 2 - Setup up a quick appointment

We’ll review the details to make sure it meets our buying criteria, then contact you to setup an appointment to evaluate the current condition of the property.

We Buy Houses Contracts by Attorney

Step 3 - Receive a No-Obligation Offer

Most of the time our agents can give you a cash offer the same day they visit the property,  other wise we can give you a cash offer within 48 -72 hours of the site visit.  It’s your choice to accept the offer, your under no obligation.  We only negotiate deals that’s considered a win-win for both the buyer and the seller.

David Buys Houses with closing attorney at the title office

Step 4 - Close at a reputable Title Company

We will work with the title company and take care of all the details to get your home sold.  You will receive a check directly form the title company after closing.  Don’t worry closing costs, we will make sure it’s taken care of when we buy your house.