Need to sell your house in Arkansas fast

Need to sell your property in Arkansas?

This imposing question is what has led you here and worry not, for we are here to provide you with the best possible solution for all your unwanted property troubles. You no longer have to hold on to a piece of property that you do not want to. Through us, you can sell an unwanted piece of land, a building, or an unwanted house in Arkansas in the easiest and fastest way. While it may sound easy at first glance, we know firsthand how stressful selling an unwanted piece of property can be. The entire process is lengthy and tough. From the costs, finding a buyer, and most importantly, making time for it, all of these factors make selling unwanted property harder than it already is. In our post today, we shall take a look at the options available to potential sellers and see which one is the most worth it. We aim to dissect each option to give you the fastest and the best way to sell houses in Arkansas.

Work With Professional Buyers

It is no secret that to sell things approaching professionals makes the most sense. They have an idea of what the market looks like and can sell your belongings with ease. In the case of a house in Arkansas, a professional buyer such as David Buys Houses LLC. are your best bet. Working with a professional buyer of David’s calibre will ensure that you can rest easy knowing your property will be sold. You do not have to waste precious time waiting for offers, and the need to sell can be fixed in a jiffy. From the first point of contact, you will find out how much we can pay and when we will close the deal. We keep things transparent and only work in your interest. When you choose David Buys Houses LLC. you choose to work with the best. Our process takes a few weeks at max, and we work according to your schedule. We aim to close the deal on the day that makes the most sense for you. All the tiny details will be handled by our team so that all you get is a quick and seamless transaction. From the repairs to the paperwork, we will take care of everything. Our goal is to help you fulfil the need to sell an unwanted house in Arkansas.

Agent hire

Perhaps the most common way to get rid of unwanted properties, hiring an agent is the way to go. However, this choice can be good and bad. An agent certainly will have the right contacts for sale, but you do not know if they guarantee a sale. It can take a long time before your property goes; from a few weeks to a few months, there is no actual scale of time for your property to go. Other times your property will go immediately. This indecisiveness when using agents can mess up timelines and make it hard to plan. Using an agent also means that you will have to take some upfront costs. These costs are important to get your home ready for multiple listing services (MLS). You will have to conduct repairs by yourself, hire contractors to fix up the house, clean up the house, and possibly add more to your house. The additions could be something as simple as a fence or something more costly like a yard and a patio. While these may be important in securing sales, the sheer amount of money you will be putting in does not seem worth it. After all, the house is unwanted, and you want your money’s worth. There is also the uncertainty of sale, which means that you will have to continue to pay the house expenses. These can be things such as property tax, utility bills, maintenance costs, and homeowners insurance. We also know that unwanted property value depreciates with time. The faster you make the sale, the more money you will get. But perhaps the biggest caveat with using an agent is the fees. Every agent takes a rough cut from the sale, and it can range from as little as 1% to as astoundingly high as 10%. In Arkansas, the typical agent’s commission is around 6% of the final sale price. This, combined with the costs and the time spent, can amount to thousands of dollars. Selling unwanted property through an agent is not worth the money.

Do it yourself!

While this may be an option that you have considered at the very beginning, you might not have gone through with it. Selling a house on your own in a place like Arkansas can be a daunting task. While selling a house on your own will save you from inevitable commissions, it is time-consuming and stressful. The main issue here is that you will have to do everything. From the repairs to getting your property ready for showings. It is all in your hands. You will also need to be the agent of your property. You have to screen potential buyers, file the right papers, deal with title companies, manage escrow processes, and much more. As you will be putting out the property in the form of an FSBO, the amount of work required is a lot. There is also the matter of gauging the market and getting the right price. As an FSBO, you will not have a better understanding of the market than an agent and hence will not be able to get a good final price. For some, this might just work, but given the sheer amount of factors, including time, it is best to leave it to the experts.


It would seem that professionals are the way to go when you need to sell an unwanted property. They work at your convenience, and your involvement is minimal. It is a stress-free way to get the right price for a piece of property that you have wanted to get rid of.